Film Director & Illustrator


Curriculum Vitae

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“Sommelierens Datter/The Sommelier’s Daughter”, Animation short film; Director, co-writer.
"The Scar", Animated documentary short film; Director.
"Lazaron", Comic book; Illustrator.
"Searching in the Sand", Feature length animated movie; Director.
"Godnat mus" / "Good night mouse", Childrens book; Co-writer and illustrator.
"The Ghost From the Marshes", Computer Game; Co-director.
"Fordærv" /Decay”, Comic book; Writer and illustrator.


"Stretchy Expectations", art film; Producer.  
"Ping Prisen 2016", Comic book award show; Co-organizer.


"Pingprisen 2015", comic book award show; Co-organizer.


"Jeg er din." / I am yours.” animation short (Final Film from the Danish Film School); Director. Nominated for OFF2015 in the Animated Short Film category and the Danish Short Film Category.
Ping Prisen 2014”, comic book award show; Co-organizer.


Lugter det lidt af lykke?” Theater play, played on Aalborg Theater and Teater Grob; Animation director and animator.


Vakuum”, Animation Short (bachelor film); Director.
Another One Bites the Dust”, Animation Short (film school production); Director
Grandanoir”, Animation short (film school production); Director.


Blackwell’s Asylum”, Computer game (DADIU production); Director. It won the “knowing Creativity Award” in the Gaming Forum Contest 2012 and 2012 Game of the Year and Best Adventure/Roleplay Game, Intel Level Up 2011 Game Demo Contest, E3 Los Angeles. It was nominated for the Guts & Glory Award, Dutch Game Awards 2012, Amersfoort and the IGF student game Award 2013, GDC San Francisco.  
Smash-o-saurus”, Computer game for kids (DADIU production); Director
Grotte”, Animation short (film school production); Director.
Totinona Bobomom”, interview/animation (film school production); Director.
Raasool”, Computer game (DADIU production); Director.


Uglerede”, Animation short (film school production); Director.
Anton and the Catastrophe”, computer game for kids (DADIU production); Director.


I was admitted to the Danish Filmschool as an Animation Director.

"Vacuum" Comic; writer/illustrator.
Sjove Tal” Short film; Production/costume designer, editor, animator.
D.I.Y. film club”, outdoors summer cinema at the Roskilde festival; Co-organizer.
Bag Muren”, School production at Rampen; Director.


The Amazing Benny”, short film for kids; Editor.
D.I.Y. film club”, a film club for amateur films; Co-founder, organizer.
Night”, Animation short; Animator, director.
I Scream Ice Cream, Trust Tissue”, music video; Director, cinematographer, editor.
I Scream Ice Cream, Me Too”, cd cover; Graphic designer. It was nominated for best artwork at the Danish Music Awards.
Moon River”, Animation short; Animator, director.


2G4E – G13”, music video; Actor, editor.        
 ”Rookies”, mockumentary: Producer, actor, editor.
Animation # 1 (Transformation)”, Animation short; Animator, director.
Animation # 2 (The Pillow man)", Animation short; Animator, director.



I was admitted to the Danish Film School as the youngest director ever in the animation department. But in spite of my young age I had been making films for many years prior to the Film School, both my own projects and for hire.

In 2006 I dropped out of school to attend The Academy of Untamed Creativity - AFUK, a wonderfully open minded place where I experimented with film making, animation and fine arts.

In 2007, a group of equally film-interested friends and I, started the event The D.I.Y. Film Club. A no budget cinema event with the purpose of screening films who otherwise wouldn't be screened; anything from obscure art films to homemade documentaries.

Later I attended the Copenhagen Film and Photo School - Rampen, and worked with nothing but live-action for a year. I tried out all the different aspects of film making; Directing, producing, cinematography, editing, sound design, etc. That gave me the final push to apply at the Danish Film School.

I spent four and a half years on the Danish Film School, directing animated films, live-action, radio drama and computer games. On the school I had the pleasure to work with state of the arts equipment and more importantly, enormously talented people.

I love making movies! Nothing excites me more. It's fascinating how you can bend the media in all directions to tell stories exactly how you want to tell them. I bend my films softly. Sensitivity, poetry, and above all humanity, play the biggest parts in my films.