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arret / The scar - trailer

In this short animated documentary a young woman tries to break the pattern of silence that has created a big empty void in her family. She dives into the family history and explores the root of all the secrecy, her grandmother.


Jeg er din. / I am yours.

Vilhelm, a Swedish officer and a married man, tastes the bitter-sweetness of love when he falls for the beautiful Danish tightrope dancer Cornelia. He leaves life, as he knows it behind to indulge in adventures with the young circus princess. But can love flourish on soiled ground?

I am yours. explores wild, beautiful and forbidden love – a love so intrusive that it will not be refused.



Sophie, an insecure, young illustrator, gets her first big assignment in the advertisement agency she’s works at. The pressure from her eccentric boss and the comments from her jealous colleagues, gives her a major creative-block. Now the clients are on their way, she hasn’t produced a single doodle. We follow Sophie on her journey towards the deadline and watch her crazy brain unravel.

Blackwell's Asylum

Stone cold fear washes over you on this nerve-racking escape from the Blackwell's Island Women's asylum. Your heart pounds feverishly from the sedatives forced upon you, your sight fails from exhaustion. As a young woman under narcotic effects, there's no other options but hiding and sneaking past the wardens patrolling this daunting place. Have you got the nerve to live through this humane horror?
Game of the Year and winner for the Adventure/Roleplay category in the Intel Level Up 2011 Game Demo Contest.


The sun has gotten lost, and finds him self on a dark and strange little planet, he needs to travel upwards from planet to planet to finally reach his home and light up the universe.